About this Website

Hi, I am Jim Grace (officially, James B.) and I live in Lafayette Louisiana. In my day job I currently work as a Research Ecologist for the US Geological Survey. Beneath the surface layer of administrative necessities, USGS is a great place to work and I enjoy the challenges of scientific inquiry in the hopes of providing information useful to the conservation of our natural resources. You can learn more about me in my day job at http://profile.usgs.gov/gracej.

This website represents an activity that is distinct from my USGS responsibilities (research), but represents my personal passion for education. NOTE: I have finally (2015) launched an SEM training site through my work. Check it out at http://www.nwrc.usgs.gov/SEM/index.html.

About the Content: The information on this site may be useful for folks from all scientific disciplines. That said, my background is in the natural sciences and the great majority of information online about SEM is from the social and economic sciences, so my secondary purpose is to provide illustrations that support natural science applications.

For feedback, questions, comments, and suggestions I can be reached at sem@usgs.gov.  -  No promises I will respond, but will try my best.